Cheap and easy ramen recipes

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When you hear ramen noodles, it’s easy to picture the frazzled student eating packet ramen in their dorm room or cafeteria. Truth is, ramen is very cheap, but it doesn’t have to be boring! Of course, you could live off the packet stuff, but the nutrition content is low while the salt content is very high! Ramen has the ability to be healthy and tasty, in fact some of my favourite recipes revolve around these delicious noodles. Here are a few of my favourite cheap and easy ramen recipes!

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Simple miso ramen soup

Serves 2 – 20 minutes 


2 Carrots – peeled and cut into coin sized pieces

3 Celery stalk cut into pieces (size depends on how you like it)

Litre of chicken stock

Table spoon of miso paste

tablespoon of soy sauce

herbs and spices (completely up to you, my favourite are ginger and thyme)

Two squares of ramen (the way they come in the store)

Cup of frozen peas

Selection of mushrooms (Shitaki, oyster, king brown) – Optional


Cook carrots, celery and mushrooms in a pot until they have slightly softened. Then add the stock, soy sauce, peas and herbs. Cook for 10-15 minutes until broth has a nice vegetable flavour. Add ramen and cook for another 5 minutes or so until soft. By the time the ramen is cooked, the soup should have a nice thick consistency and taste like a rich vegetable and miso broth. This is a great way to get your get your veggies while cooking on a budget!

Sticky ramen noodles with vegetables and tofu

This recipe is one of my favourite because it also includes a protein. Of course you can replace the tofu with a protein of your choosing, I find tofu tp be the least expensive, especially when you buy homebred and it just soaks up the sticky sauce so nicely!

Serves 2 – 15 minutes 


Cup soy sauce

tablespoon honey

teaspoon ginger

teaspoon of crushed garlic

favourite veggies (I use peas, beans and carrots)

2 squares of ramen (the way it comes in the store)

Cubes of tofu, pressed dried (to do this, wrap tofu slices in paper towel and place under heavy books until all the moisture has escaped)


Bring one pot of water to a boil and place your ramen noodles in it to cook and use a steamer to cook your veggies the way you like them. While the veggies and ramen are cooking away, place the soy, honey, garlic and ginger into a larger pan or wok. Cook until the sauce because thick and sweet. Add the tofu so that it can cook through and start to get a thick glaze on it. One this has happened, drain the ramen, and add ramen and the veggies to the pan with the sauce and tofu. This is the perfect meal for those who want a cheap and easy ramen recipe!

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Dry ramen as a snack

Thats right, you heard me! Sometimes the best way to eat ramen is when it’s in its raw, dry and delicious form!

Salsa – eating dry ramen with salsa ads a delicious crunch to your favourite Mexican side. The crunchiness of the dry noodle really works well with the spiciness of the salsa!

In salads – dry ramen noodles really have the ability to take an average salad to the next level. The crunch really adds some great texture to almost any salad, especially asian inspired ones!

Eat it like popcorn – sometimes ramen really works as a crunch movie or late night snack! Add some salt and cheese powder and you have yourself a cheap and tasty snack!

Whether you’re trying to save money, or you just really love ramen, there is so many ways you can make a cheap and easy ramen recipe! From tasty miso, to a late night snack, no longer is this food seen only as a college students food!


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  1. YUM! Love ramen, it's just so delish :)

    • It's the best! It goes with so many different things! :) Thanks for your comment! - Emily