My favourite money saving apps

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Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad


I have started with Pocketbook because it has been a fantastic tool for me and my partner and has been one of the best money saving apps. When I refer to my weekly and monthly savings, thanks to this app I am able to accurately track what goes out of my account and exactly where it goes. You are able to have different categories – for example I have food, rent, power, bills and extras and then it puts it neatly into a pie, line or bar graph chart. It’s such a great tool for people who are visual like me, and really keeps things neat for you. It also allows you to set a savings goal which gives you a clear idea of what you need to save each week to reach that goal. Honestly, this has been such a find for me and my partner and I would recommend this to anyone looking for money savings apps to help them. Most importantly, it’s free!


Available on: iPhone, iPad

yummly app

I know I harp on about it a lot, but meal planning can seriously save you so much money! Yummly is a great app for when you’re trying to save money because it allows you to punch in your favourite foods and discover new recipes. You are also able to search for trending recipes or type in dislikes and allergies. Although you can’t create a meal plan on this app, you are able to pick your recipes from it which will allow you to plan ahead. It is a great way to explore new foods so you don’t get bored of the same recipes. It is user friendly, free and has a great interface. I would recommend this to anyone searching for money saving apps and anyone looking for a place to find great recipes!


Available on: iPhone, iPad

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Groupon is a fantastic way to get deals of activities, accomodations and events. I always head straight to Groupon when i’m looking for something to get my partner for his birthday, or an activity to do with my friends. It has deals that are as good as up to 70% off which can mean amazing savings. If you’re looking for some money savings apps and ways to save money on group activities, Groupon is your app! I love this app and recommend it to my family all the time. I have used this for theme park trips and even swimming with dolphins!


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