Common household mistakes costing you money

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When I decided I wanted to really start saving money, I started to have a look at things I could be doing around the house. I quickly realised that some of my simple household mistakes were costing me and my partner money! From wasting washing detergent, to spending money on cheap cat food, I have found ways to reduce my spendings and save money!

Wasting food

I never saw myself as someone who wasted food, until I started to pay attention to my weekly fridge clean out. I realised that I was throwing out anything from rotten fruit, to off milk that was never used. This bad habit was costing both my wallet and the environment! So, I have since started being a lot more conscious of what I buy at the shops, in fact, everything I buy now has a purpose! Planning meals a head will really make a difference as well, because you know exactly where each item belongs and what it will be used for. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of it, but once I did, it has ended up saving me a lot of money!

Not reading labels on products

If you’re like me, washing your clothes is not your favourite activity. Unfortunately it needs doing! In order to ‘save time’ I would often just free throw some detergent in, press start and go on my way. One day I decided to look at the back, and low and behold, I was using 2-3 times more than the required amount! This means, I was replacing my detergent 3 times as often as I needed to, adding up to about $50 a month. By reading the label and using the proper recommendation, I am saving myself up to $600 a year on washing detergent.

Not reusing tea bags

If you’re a tea drinker like me, you know how much tea bags can end up costing you each month. One way to cut this cost is to reuse the tea bags after each cup. I have found some tea bags can be reused 3-4 times, which means depending on how many cups you have a day, you will be saving lots on the bags! I find that two bags a day will get me through the whole day, and it is also better for the environment! Win-Win!

Buying cheap pet food

Now, this next one is for the pet owners. Having pets is always going to be a bit costly (worth it of course), but there are ways to save money when you have a furry friend. One thing I have found with my two cats, is that buying cheap food ends up costing more. I have found that buying the higher end food lasts significantly longer than the cheap stuff in the long run. When you look at a bag of say Royal Canin (my fur friends favourite) it might seem overwhelming with the price.

From personal experience however, I have found that a large bag of high end cat food lasts about three months, whereas I was having to buy a box of the cheaper stuff weekly. There is a science to this! The better quality foods tend to have a higher quality protein as opposed to empty carbs, this keeps the animal fuller and more satisfied for longer, and will save you money in the long run!


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  1. I love these ideas. It makes so much sense when you break it down like that. I wonder how much I would save if I started to look at more household spending "habits" I have.