Best foods to buy in bulk

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One thing I have found to really keep my daily living costs down, is to buy some foods in bulk. Often when you buy in bulk, you will be getting a significant discount on the product, which will save money down the line. I buy anything in bulk, from lentils, to pasta and use it over the course of a few months. It’s also great because you never have to worry about not having the basics in the house and your weekly shop will likely be significantly decreased as you are already stocked up on the big items! Here are a few of the best foods to buy in bulk and some of my favourite recipes made with them!


From Bolognese, to fantastic curries, there is almost nothing you can’t do with lentils! Rich with protein and fiber, they keep you full and feeling satisfied for a long time. Lentils can be extremely cheap from health for stores, especially when you by in bulk. They store for months at a time when kept in proper conditions, and are the perfect accompaniment so almost any dish. Lentils are a personal favourite of mine!

Here is a great recipe for an Italian Lentil Soup that tastes amazing! 


Pasta is one of those classic items that will never go out of style. From creamy and decadent, to light and fresh, there is almost nothing that does work great with pasta. Pasta is also one of those great items that can be used for any occasion. Whether you want to do a fancy seafood dish for your friends, or a creamy carbonara for the family, pasta is great for it’s versatility! Pasta is able to be stored in airtight containers for up to 2 years. Make sure you have the dried pasta however, fresh pasta containing eggs should be consumed within a few days of purchase. One of my favourite pasta dishes is made with grilled veggies with lime juice and olive oil! so simple and yum!

Here’s a mushroom pasta recipe that is decadent and delicious! 


For years, beans have been seen as something only vegetarians and vegans can enjoy. I’m here to tell you that some of the best dishes, meat or vegetarian include beans! From yummy enchiladas, to rich brownies (you heard me), beans are incredibly versatile and healthy. There are so many bean varieties to choose from and they can store for long periods of time in the right conditions. It’s time to embrace beans and all their fabulousness!

Here’s a recipe for some fantastic black bean tacos! 

Popcorn (Kernels)

Up until recently, popcorn has always been seen as something you devour alongside an ice cream and giant frozen coke at the movies. These days, more and more recipes are including this once forgotten grain. From a sweet treat, to a salty snack, popcorn is incredibly versatile. When stored properly, these kernels can last for months, even a year and can be brought out for almost any occasion. Homemade popcorn snacks are a great way to save money on shop bought ones and will make any guest or child happy! No longer just a movie treat, popcorn is making it’s comeback!

Deliciously indulgent caramel popcorn recipe!


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  1. Totally agree! You can make sooo many dishes with just beans and pasta. It's also great if you're on a budget :)

    • For things that can be quite plain on their own, they really have so many uses and can be seriously delicious! Thanks for your comment! :)