Hi there!

Welcome to my blog about living on a budget while making the most of life!

My name is Emily and I am a 26 year old from Brisbane, Australia. I am currently a full time student and work from home as a freelance writer.

I live in an apartment with my Fiancé and my two beautiful cats. I started this blog because as a student, I needed to find ways to be thrifty so that I had time to study and be there for my partner, while still enjoying my life and my own hobbies. I am currently studying psychology and neuroscience at university, with 4 more years to go, so I have had to really find ways to cut costs where possible and make an income so that it isn’t all on my partner’s shoulders! Over the course of my degree I have found ways to be thrifty so that I was able to spend as much time as possible doing the things I loved.

From cheap and tasty recipes, to saving money and making money online, I have found what works for me and now am able to work from home doing what I enjoy while still having time for my Fiancé and hobbies.

I have started this blog as I hope to share what I have learned along the way about living on a budget and to hopefully help others who are in my situation find what works for them.

I spend a lot of my time on other blogs similar to mine to learn what other people have done to achieve their personal version of freedom. I also love hearing from from other people about their own experiences, so please feel free to comment and share your own tips and ideas!

Join me as I post about everything and anything thrifty, ways that I’m saving money for my coming wedding and tips for how to make the most of living more with less!