How to cut costs immediately

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Cancel unwanted subscriptions

One of the first things me and my partner did when trying to cut costs was go through all of our online subscriptions that we had accumulated over the years, which allowed us to cut costs immediately. Between our two Netflix accounts (seriously, why?), having Hulu with and without ads, and numerous other magazines and online extras we were spending on average $150 a month on unnecessary subscriptions. Cancelling these subscriptions allowed us to not only save money, but also take control of what was being taken out of our accounts. This might not apply to everyone, but for those who spend a lot of time online and subscribe to things because “it’s only $5”! keep in mind that these things can add up and end up costing you!

Take public transport instead of Uber

When looking at my monthly spendings, one of the largest pieces of the pie chart was on transport. I am definitely going to blame my partner for that one. He works in photography and is often out late photographing gigs, and ends up getting Uber’s home most evenings. This really adds up in the long run and can seriously eat into your monthly savings. So, what he did was decide that he would take public transport whenever and wherever it was possible. After a few months, we have saved hundreds of dollars, which we have put towards our wedding. Yes, there were times when he was tired or lazy and just got one home, but the amount he decreased his uber usage allowed us to save lots! This is just another way you can cut costs immediately!

Stop spending money in ‘free’ apps

Ah yes, the classic candy crush dilemma. You are SO close to reaching that next level and it’s only $3 to get a new set of lives and bonus instant gratification. It’s a no brainer right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is a trap, one that I have fallen into many many times. It becomes so easy to say that you’ve done it once so it’s no problem. The problem is, it can really add up. In fact, it can add up to hundreds a year if you are not careful! If you are keen to cut costs immediately, stop spending money on these ‘free’ apps and set yourself a challenge to complete these without buying extra lives!

Make dinner instead of buying take away

This one’s a given, so I won’t harp on about it for too long. But seriously, I know first hand how easy it is to get into a take away rut. One busy week at work or school and relying on take out meals, turns into a month or more. This can be so costly. A meal that would cost you $5 to make, turns into $25 and that’s if it’s just for you. Add in a partner or children and it can really add up. What I do now is set myself a meal plan, and allow myself one day a week (Friday pizza nights) to really enjoy take out without worrying about my spending. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs immediately, making your dinner is a great way to go!

Buy a coffee plunger

Okay Okay, if you are a true coffee connoisseur, you can ignore this one because I’m guessing nothing will make you give up your morning coffee. But, if you are someone who enjoys coffee for it’s energy inducing powers, buying a coffee plunger can really make a difference! I know it may seem counter intuitive, suggesting you spend money, but it is one of things that will save money in the long run! Buy some good quality coffee to go with it and you are good to go. What I do is use my plunger during the week, and allow myself a really nice cafe coffee on the weekends. This saves me up to $40 a week and was a great way to cut costs immediately.

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